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Tiny Houses


We build tiny houses. From one home to a neighborhood. We have been doing the research and discovered how to live legally in a tiny home.  Foundations or wheels each project has its own challenges and opportunities. 

What to Expect


Are you wondering if you can place a tiny home on your land or in your neighborhood? As a tiny home builder We can help guide you through the processes, zoning and planning departments requirements. In many areas are already approved for ADU's (Accessory Dwelling Units) under 650 sf. 

New building codes - Appendix Q


It’s all about the rules, Building code rules. With the IRC2018 Appendix Q, local building departments can inspect our tiny homes with a new set of tiny building guidelines. As you walk through this new concept, we can help municipalities with drafting new resolutions to allow tiny living. It's starts when YOU ask!

Northwestern Colorado

We are currently presenting a conceptual PUD for tiny homes

Micro Living, LLC will be the first tiny home project on foundations. We are working toward a Planned Urban Development (P.U.D.) approved in order to not only build 6 tiny homes, but also sell the dirt underneath. 

We could use your support

There are a couple ways to help and show your support. First - please show up to the public hearings with the Routt County Planning Commission Feb 21st at 6:00pm and then with the County Commissioners March 12th at 1:30pm. Look for detail times and dates in the newspaper and here on this webpage.

Second - Talk about it with your friends. Get the word out!

Homes for sale

Interested in the tiny house movement? We are still in the planning stages, but we intend to offer the homes for sale. WITH THE LAND! Currently our numbers look like the costs to be between $145,000 and $165,000. If you are interesting in pre-sale reservations, please email us.

Floor Plans

We currently are working on 2 different plans. 10x 20 290 sf, and 10 x 26 400 sf. 

Check out the Cheney Creek and Wolf Mountain floorplans. 

Floor Plans

Come be part of the growing trend of Tiny Living

Our next project

We are always looking at joining with friends to develop the next project. 

We are looking at parcels around northwestern Colorado  for a tiny home development. 

Send us an email to start the discussion or if you have some land you want to develop.


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