Cheney Creek Tiny Homes

Project Details

 We will be building 6 tiny homes on foundations, connected to all utilities, and offer them for sale at prices lower than any condo in nearby Steamboat Springs. Our goal is to build a small community that displays what a tiny neighborhood could be under this site built type of construction, and give affordable housing a new product that is sustainable in the long term.

We selected the location in Milner, Colorado due the availability of utility services. There is a sewer treatment plant nearby, electrical and shared water wells available. We will put all the homes on foundations. 

We are anticipating the need for additional storage and mechanical system space. We will achieve this with a slab foundation with min 60" walls that will create a space for all mechanical and storage options. Accessed through a trap door in the floor. 

Additionally, we created a large open covered deck. Under the deck will have creative spaces for storage.  

The project is located in the small unincorporated town of Milner,  in Routt County, Colorado. Milner is a short 10 minute drive to Steamboat Springs along US HWY 40. Notice the ski mountain in the distance.

The project will consist of 6 tiny homes on individual permanent foundations and connected to all utilities. We will have an HOA for reasons of the open space, snow plowing and other smaller services. The county requires us to keep the parking close to the road, so there will be four spots off Main street and four off the back alley. 

Tiny Homes in Milner colorado

Tiny Homes in Milner colorado