Pre-Sale Contact List

Cheney Creek Tiny Homes has received the County Commissioners approval for the conceptual PUD

There are still additional approvals required before we can move forward with the project. We now have to re-submit the application as a Final PUD and get the planning commission and county commissioners approvals. As we go thru this process, we will be working with individuals to create a pre-sale list for the 6 tiny homes planned on the site. 


PRE-Sale Contact list

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Let us know if you have a realtor yet.

Our target price is $150-$170K.  This will be determined with the requirements set forth in the conceptual design approval. There are conditions that we must adhere to in order to move ahead. We have budgeted for these, however, the final price will be determined on what additional costs are added through this conditional process.  If you are serious, we are working with our legal team to create a pre-sale agreement that will require a deposit.  

Micro Living, LLC.

1660 Copper Ridge Court, Steamboat Springs,CO.8047

(970) 846-3164